About Us

Hay Creek Hospitality was founded in 2005 to focus on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of historic and architecturally significant independent hotels. Together with its affiliates, Hay Creek Hospitality provides the independent hotel sector custom services in development, consulting, asset management, operational oversight and hotel property management. Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, HCH is committed to the local communities our Hay Creek Hotels serve and to environmentally responsible business practices.

Consistent with its unique role in providing leading-edge hospitality services to the independent hotel sector, HCH actively seeks to identify, acquire, renovate and manage properties with historic or architecturally significant features; properties (when properly developed) geared to offer an intimate lodging experience (35 to 225 rooms). Founded in 2005, Hay Creek Hotels combine the intimacy of a boutique hotel with the exclusive amenities of a luxury inn, world-class cuisine, cutting-edge technology and exquisite services.

At Hay Creek Hotels, our mission is to pioneer superior service and inspire an exceptional experience within the small, independent hotel sector: to "Surprise and Delight" our guests.


Hay Creek Hospitality was founded in 2005 to fill an essential, under-served market niche within the hotel industry. Guided by a philosophy of community and environmentally responsible business practices and backed by a track record of exceptional experience, HCH offers a wealth of crucial services to the hotel industry


Experienced and dedicated associates and an exceptional management team fulfill Hay Creek Hospitality’s mission and daily operations. We deliver on the promise of outstanding service. At the same time, management is solidified through our skill with training, developing, supporting, and rewarding a motivated staff.